Finally, we have a puppy

Well, its been a long 5 years, but thanks to an amazing breeder (Parker’s Siberian Huskies) ,we have our service dog prospect.  He is an 8 week old male with black and white marking. His name is Parker’s Holy Messenger “Malakai”.  He is a very smart little pup and loves to follow RJ everywhere.  He also likes to tell RJ exactly what he thinks.  Stay tuned for many upcoming adventures. 

Update: Service dogs being trained

I received an update from the trainer about the dog being trained for RJ. She is currently working with 2 dogs that she feels that would fit his needs. However, they are young and as they get older and show their character one will be picked to best fit his needs and personality.

Both dogs have larger parents ranging in 70-80lbs which is good and that will help anchor RJ when he decides to bolt. Both girls are very gentle and respond well. They are also stubborn and make independent decisions which is required of service dogs, especially when working with children. This is much like guide work and called Intelligent Disobedience. For example, when the handler tells the dog to cross the street when a car is coming and the dog refuses to cross.

The dogs still have about another 18 months to a year of training left as they are not even a year old yet. This is the hardest process of service dog training and programs, is the waiting game; but it will be all worth it in the end when RJ can wrap his little arms around that furry neck.


WOW am I behind, I am so sorry for those of you that are following.  Since Rakoda didn’t make it to us, she also didn’t make it as a service dog. Last I heard she was placed in a home, but I don’t know all the details.  I wasn’t privy to that information.  I did finally hear back from the trainer after a some time and she had another litter.  A new dog is being trained for RJ.  Once that dog is ready, we will be notified when it is ready.  That is all that I have been told.  I will post again once we know more.

RJ continues to pray each night that his dog will come. My service dog, JJ has taken to handling a little more of a his cuddling in the mean time. But RJ really needs his own cuddle buddy.

We have moved and RJs new school even has an Autism Service dog.  I had a quick opportunity to speak with the mother about her son and the dog. It was nice to speak to a triad team and get another perspective.

Hopefully in a year we will have our service dog.

Yubikey special holiday pack

UPDATE: – The special holiday pack is over, but you can still buy the trio for just $105 with the YubiKey Experience Pack. Thank you all who did get a chance at the discounted holiday pack. If you are interested in these things and other security/privacy features let us know by leaving a comment below.


Well, it has been months since we’ve posted anything and I know this doesn’t have anything to do with me and my service dog but security. There has been recent news about big ticket companies like Google, Facebook and even LastPass password manager. Right now until December 31st (or until stock runs out), Yubico is doing a special holiday package of one Yubikey Standard, one Yubikey Nano with lanyard and one Yubikey NEO all valued at $116 seperately for only $99. You can also view their entire catalog at



There is still lots of unknown at this time. However, RJ will not be getting a dog from this trainer it looks like. She is not returning our emails. She has not sent us the refund she said she would nor has sent us forms she said she did. We in the middle of some things, but it looks like we are having to start over. Since I have trained dogs before and I am not in school now, I will be taking over and training RJs dog. RJ also wants to train his own dog.

RJ has decided he will pick his own dog. He would like either a husky, a black lab or well just a dog he fits with as long as its a “girl”. So now we are starting over.

RJ’s first skiing trip

RT went down hill skiing for the first time with his mentor from Youth Dynamics. He had a blast and as you can see did a pretty good job.

Come on...let's go

Come on…let’s go

Here is a video my dad quickly put together of me skiing pretty good. Right click on the picture below and click on “Play” to start.

Update: Rakoda

Rakoda will not be coming to RJ. There is lots to the story and at this time I don’t have all the details. I am working on getting all the money back from the trainer. However, Rakoda did not make the cut and this did not end up working out. We are going to go a different route that will be better for everyone around. Keep in touch and we will keep you updated. I am working on somethings to see what is the best for RJ as he is the main focus here. He is what is most important here. RJ has always been my primary concern.  He still prays daily and even multiple times a day for his dog. RJ wants his dog NOW and doesn’t understand why this is all happening. No matter how many ways we try to explain it to him. It breaks my heart as his mother that I have not been able to provide this basic need to him. I understand it to a point as a trainer as well. We will update you more as we know more and can fill you all in. Our goal is still to get RJ his service dog as soon as possible.

Ultimate Goal

Our ultimate goal with Paws 4 RJ… is to turn it into Paws 4 Freedom and to assist others who are in the need for fundraising for service dogs, mobility equipment, medical needs or other special needs.  There is no insurance coverage or reimbursement for such things. There is no help when we really need it. We would like to become  a 501c3 and do what we can to help out those who really need it.

So any funds above and beyond we receive will go to others who need it. We already did this one of our fundraisers when we received more than we needed. It was split to help those who needed mobility harnesses. We were honored to help them.

Part of Paws 4 Freedom is to continue to do Demos in schools and educate about service dogs. We love to do this and really want to help with advocacy where we can.

Thank you for helping us achieve this dream.

Update: September 2012

I am sorry that I have not updated our blog recently.  Between school and some crazy life we have its just been kind of insane. If you are on Facebook, its much easier to keep up with regular updates on there or you can see the feed on the blog as well.

We have had some minor delays in training a new dog, but a pup has been in training for RJ. We should hopefully have this puppy by Christmas time. We can’t wait. RJ is super excited and keeps praying for his dog to arrive.

The dogs name is Rakoda and is a little girl which we feel will be a better match in our house. Except she isn’t so little. She is growing like a weed. She is smart and doing really well in her training. She came from Ohio Siberians in Ohio from an awesome family who was able to answer all my early questions about breeding. She has great lines and the breeder is truly awesome.  Thank you Tara.

We look forward to writing lots more when Rakoda arrives (and I get a break from school)